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How to Play - Step 0 click here to start

Which device would you like to play on?

Step 1

First, check if your Switch can be hacked

If your Switch is already hacked, skip to step 5

First check your serial number.

Then type your serial number into this website:

Step 2

Preparing the things you will need to hack your Switch:

You will need the following to hack your Switch

Step 3

Setting up the Switch BEFORE hacking

Step 3.1 Making sure you have the game

If you already have the game installed, you can proceed to Step 3.2

If you have deleted the game, or if this is a different Switch from the one you used to play on:

You should still be able to redownload the game with any eShop account that has previously downloaded the game before, even if it is already delisted from the eShop.

You can find a full step-by-step guide here

Step 3.2 Making sure you can run the game offline

Try to run the game.
Close the game beforehand if it is already open.

You should NOT get a message before the game starts, saying

If you don't get a message like that, you can proceed to step 3.3

Otherwise, you will need to make this Switch the primary Switch of the account that downloaded the game.

Step 3.3 Move SMB35 to System Memorywhy?

Step 4

Step 5

Setting up the files

For users that already have Atmosphere installed, you will only need the file in exefs_patches/patch

Step 6

⚠️ Before everything else: make sure your Switch is fully charged before starting Step 6 and Step 7.

Testing if your Switch can be hacked (Initializing the hack)

Step 7

Setting up your "hacked environment" (creating emuMMC)

Now that your are in Hekate:
  1. First pick "Tools"
  2. Then pick "Arch Bit"
  3. Then pick "Fix Archive Bit"
This fixes any issues people have had where the Switch cannot detect files that are in the microSD card.

This step should take only around 10 seconds.
You can press "Close" once the message stating how many files were "unset/set" is shown.

Final Steps (cleanup)

After you have (hopefully) played a bit of SMB35 on the hacked emuMMC, you still need to do a few more steps to finish the process

SysMMC cleanup

How do I switch back to an unhacked/legit setup?

To play your other online/NSO games, or play your legit eShop purchased games:
In hacked/emuMMC mode, just turn your Switch off, then turn it back on again.

How do I switch back to a hacked setup to play SMB35?

You do not need to repeat most of the setup steps.
Simply do the following:

Additional Information (optional)

Can this get me banned?

Several measures in this guide are taken to prevent banning: So far, many people with hacked Switches have similar setups and have managed to prevent getting banned for several years now. Some users even claim going online with hacked setups and not getting banned, and that Nintendo supposedly only bans if they detect you installing pirated games or cheating online. HOWEVER, we can never have an absolute guarantee of preventing banning, Nintendo can implement changes any time to circumvent any of these measures (although historically they haven't, it is trivial for them should they decide to). So while so far such a setup has been safe from bans, there will always be a risk.

It says my Switch is "definitely patched" based on my serial. Is there really no hope?

There is currently no known way to hack "patched" Switches, except by installing a modchip.
But Nintendo has shut down the company manufacturing those modchips, as well as people who offer services to install such modchips.
So it is very unlikely to find one nowadays.
Also, using the modchip is a very complicated topic, which involves lots of chances of getting banned or bricking your Switch, unless you do lots of research, and are very careful. Even then some people do something as simple as accidentally pressing the update popup, bricking their modded Switches.
It is recommended to instead try to buy a second-hand "unpatched" Switch online (demand to see the serial first).

Do I really have to buy that "RCM Jig" thing?

Some people use other things instead of a jig to hack their Switch (e.g. paperclips, tin foil, screwdriver).
This is NOT recommended, and is troublesome if you wish to switch back-and-forth between "hacked" and "unhacked" mode, to play other NSO games (like Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99, Mario Kart 8, SMM2, etc.)
Whereas a jig like the one in the picture in Step 2 will work 100% and not damage your Switch.

What are the files in the download in Step 5?

Here are a list of the files:

Why move SMB35 to System Memory in Step 4?

(Also applicable: Why setup 90DNS on Stock SysMMC)?
This is so that once we create the EmuMMC, it will automatically have SMB35 installed in it, no need to fiddle with copying Nintendo folders, hoping to have enough space, or having to install NSPs.

For the same reason, we setup 90DNS in Stock SysMMC so that when we first boot CFW EmuMMC, it already has 90DNS all set up.

Why do you recommend to use a file-based emuMMC?

This guide is geared for users who will not be installing multiple NSP games into their emuMMC, which is what requires fast loading for better performance. This is aimed towards users who will be using it only to play SMB35, and are usually non-technical users, who have legit purchased games installed in their SysMMC with online capability/NSO sub requirement, like Mario Kart 8 or SMM2. As such, the easy-to-find, easy-to-backup file-based option is preferrable to the hard-to-backup hidden-partition option, when the only purpose is for SMB35. Also, SMB35 is not a game that will be heavily affected by quicker loading times, as it only loads once and the game runs flawlessly, and the actual bottleneck during loading is the players with slower connections.

Is there an easier way than having to connect my Switch to a PC every time I want to switch to the hacked setup (emuMMC)?

If you can find a payload injector dongle, such as the "RCM Loader" shown below, these dongles can auto-inject a payload for you without having to connect to a computer or even running any programs like TegraRCMGUI.

Once you load up hekate-ctcaer_#.#.#.bin into the dongle,
Step 6 will be reduced to: Vendors of such dongles usually quickly disappear though, as Nintendo complains on online stores like Amazon to take such listings down. Sometimes some vendors stay listed for a while though. It also makes the entire setup portable (since you no longer need a PC).

Help, my Switch isn't responding!

If your Switch doesn't want to turn on, despite pressing the power button, or injecting a payload - and you are sure that it has not run out of battery, or you have just tried charging it, it may be stuck in an RCM-like limbo state.

Fixing this is easy, just hold down the power button for 30 seconds.
This should hard power off your Switch, and pressing the power button again should turn it back on.

I'm not getting matched with anyone? Where are the other players?

The site dashboard has several tools you can use to match easier with other players:
Additional tips:

tl;dr: Instructions for Power Users

Hack your Switch, install Atmosphere, do anti-ban stuff like 90DNS.
Download the file in step 5, and add the IPS file in atmosphere/exefs_patches/patch to your install.

Is this legal?

It should be. We do not distribute any copyrighted or pirated data in our files, the files we distribute are only unmodified versions of the open-source projects Atmosphere and Hekate, except for some .ini files, and a single patch file that only contains a few bytes to redirect the connection. The CFW files we distribute do not even include sigpatches, so they cannot even be used to play pirated games. The server code contains zero proprietary Nintendo code, and is purely 3rd party written code (credits). We intentionally do not use any of Nintendo's Intellectual Property, and any mentions or inclusion should be so slight that it should fall under fair use.